Simply explained: the blackjack rules and card values

Blackjack is the most popular card game of chance in online casinos. The origins are unknown to us. Records from Spain and France show, however, that since the 17th century at the latest, people have been amusing themselves with card games in which the aim is to score 21 points. Our blackjack rules today go directly back to these games at

The blackjack game rules are simple and easy to understand for everyone. Although it is a game of chance, many casino visitors around the world find it extremely fair. They appreciate the fact that they can influence the course of the game by making wise decisions in their favor. The more detailed occupation also reveals a variety of strategic options and a fascinating game depth.

Our little blackjack instructions and rules are aimed primarily at beginners. We’ll first explain the principle of the game, the structure of the gaming table and the blackjack card values. Then we look at the extended rules of the game. Finally, we introduce you to the most important side bets and some interesting modifications of the original game.

Blackjack: gameplay and basic rules

The simple game principle attracts the players in droves to the blackjack tables in the traditional casinos and in the best online casinos . Beginners quickly find their way into the game and can quickly participate in the pleasure that experienced players have long felt. Here you can find out everything you need to get started!

The blackjack table

The gaming table has the shape of a semicircle. It offers space for up to six players who sit across from the dealer or dealer. Each participant has their own small area in which to keep their chips. For each of the possible promotions and side bets there are betting fields on which the bets can be placed. In addition, the most important rules and payout percentages can be found in abbreviated form on the blackjack table.

An online blackjack game table from Playtech. At the top left are the discarded playing cards. The dealer’s hand can be seen in the top center, the card slide in the top right. The only player at the table has a hand with 10 of clubs and queen of spades.

“The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book” is the most widely read book on the popular card game 21. Although it was written more than 30 years ago, this 432-page work is still a must-read for any blackjack player who has an advantage against want the dealer. The first part of the book is about the basic principles of the game. The next part informs readers how blackjack players can beat the house by card counting. The Hi-Opt 1 counting system is the best card counting strategy according to the two authors Lance Humble and Carl Cooper. Furthermore, “The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book” not only discusses blackjack play in a conventional game library, but also private play outside of a casino.

If you want to familiarize yourself with not just one but also different card counting methods, you should take a closer look at the latest revision of the Jerry L. Patterson book “Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook”. His work was first published in 1977, but has been published three times since then. The current edition dates from 2001, so that the topic of online blackjack is also discussed here. In addition to the card counting strategies, a countdown system and the author’s theory of the so-called mixed distortion are described here. The book also deals with the idea “Target 21” developed by Eddie Olsen, which is actually an alternative game strategy without card counting.